«Rise of Pirates» – a strategy game for mobile devices and social networks, in which real-time PvP and large-scale cooperative PvE-battles are combined with the original combat mode and implemented in original setting, combining the pirate’s spirit and steampunk aesthetic!

Game Features: 

A fascinating story: The large-scale and well thought single player campaign that tells about pirates adventures in a new, mysterious world.

One world for all versions of the game: A social networks version of the game and a mobile version is fully synchronized. So you can start playing on your office PC, continue exactly from the same place on the way home, and switch to PC again – without losing anything. Having started the game at the end of the working day of the PC, it can continue exactly from the same place on the way home.

Nonstandard setting: Pirates, steampunk, voodoo magic – it would seem irreconcilable with each other, but in our game (thx to artists and game designers) all this things are very organically interwoven.

The original battle mode: The player is not only making tactical decisions before the start of the fight, but also can directly participate in the battle with fully controlled hero, as well as harness the power of his battleship!

Synchronous battles: An opportunity to fight with other players in the synchronous mode.

Massive PvE and PvP battles: Attack the bosses with your friends in synchronous mode, or fight against them in PvP-battles between up to 10 players at the same time!